Temples – Sun Structures (2014)

Temples - Sun Structures

Temples – Sun Structures

I’m experiencing at the moment, this feeling of getting to know a record. With a great record, there is this process that takes place, from listening to it for the very first time, happy to hear the single you already know and that sparked your interest in it, to the stage where the songs become separable, single entities that you recognise. You start to memorise the words and in the gap after one song you can already hear in your head the beginning of the next.

I used to have these phases heavily when I was a teenager, listening to a certain record every day. Records that I don’t really listen to anymore, like George Michael‘s Older and records that I put on, like Goldie‘s Timeless or The CardigansLife. Regardless of whether I still play them, these records are immortalised in my brain. I know then inside out, I know exactly every word and the ways they are pronounced, every melody change is expected and I know the exact moments they occur.

I’m having this phase right now with TemplesSun Structures. It’s Saturday afternoon and I’m in the limbo of dreaming and waking up, and a voice in my head begins to sing „A friend is more than a companion…“. I don’t know yet what the song is called, but I know roughly where it is on the record and the first few lines are in my mind on constant repeat. There are other songs that have taken so much shape already that I know them quite well.

It’s that stage of getting to know a record when I can’t figure out what my favourite song is, it is changing so quickly. I’m heavily falling in love with a couple of them in a row. It used to be Shelter Song as it was the first song I knew (the aforemention single), then Colours to Life, now it’s Test of Time. Or is it Move with the Season? I’m unsure, they both really touch me at the moment. I just checked it and I get a feeling that The Golden Throne might be the next one („A friend is more than a companion…“).

It’s that stage of getting to know a record when I come home late at night completely knackered, wanting to have just one last cigarette before I’m off the bed, and I put the record on and I end up smoking six cigs, unable to go to sleep before I finished listening to the whole thing.

My window is open now and in the tree in front of it there is a male bluebird. They are known for singing particularly beautiful in the evening hours, when the sun starts setting. He is singing, and I’m listening. We’re enjoying the Sun … Structures.


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