The La’s – The La’s (1990)

The La's - The La's (1990)

The La’s – The La’s (1990)

Screw it! I can’t write about my records in the order in which I bought them. I am years behind at the moment, and even though I absolutely cherish the albums I bought back then, I have constantly felt a more pressing urge to write about my-latest-greatest-record than about one from three years ago. This has been one important reason why this blog has not been very busy so far.

I’ll start with a new approach this year. I’ll write about my records when I listen to them. I hope this will improve the number of articles, as well as improve the texts themselves. Quantity and quality skyrocketing, so to say!

The La’s eponymous 1990 album has been one of my favourites in 2012. I bought it rather spontaneously at Sister Ray in London. I had been record hunting for  a couple of days throughout England. I usually have my phases when I’m totally into a certain band and deliberately start looking for their records at shops, but this one was totally unexpected. Skimming through the crates I knew I wanted to get this one straight away.

Quite often, when I tell people about The La’s, I’m getting puzzled faces. Yet everybody knows The La’s. You know them! Or rather, you’ll know their most successful song There She Goes, and if you are a certain age, you’ll have no idea that the song is originally by The La’s.

I knew the squeaky radio pop cover before the original, too. But unlike the cover, the original never tires my ears. There is no way I could ever become fed up with it. I know it sounds subjective and clichèd, but in a way, I believe There She Goes, as recorded by The La’s, is the perfect pop song. If this doesn’t make you feel good, then what does?

Considering the particular catchyness of this tune, the rest of the record may not sound similarly revealing on the first listen. But it will on the second listen, and on the third, and forth. What makes this album so great for me is that, after listening to it repeatedly for a couple of months now, I cannot decide what my favourite track would be. Sure, There She Goes is the sonic candy stick that lures you into the record. But then you discover all these other tasty tracks. Liberty Ship is such a great song. Doledrum is fantastic. I.O.U. is another one with a great melody. Feelin’ really gets me going. Way Out rules. And then there’s Timeless Melody. Honestly, what’s better than a catchy song about catchy songs. What’s better than a song that celebrates music. I’ve written about this before for Stevie Wonder’s Sir Duke.

It’s a shame I can only post single videos here. The whole album is a coherent piece worth listening to!


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