A Camp – Colonia (2009)

A Camp - Colonia (2009)

A Camp – Colonia (2009)

brighten the corners and clear out the rooms

colour the flowers in rose and maroon

light up the fires and season this wine

we’re gonna party like it’s 1699

Over the years, Nina Persson, head of A Camp, has more and more stood out not only as a singer but also as a lyricist. The paragraph above are the first lines of The Crowning, the first track on Colonia. It establishes an idea that pervades the whole album – the description of notions or moods, not of events. The Crowning does, in fact, narrate an event – the celebration of a crowning. But instead of giving a chronological account of the party, the song talks about little side details – the colours of the flowers, the dancing moves of the guests, how the tables are laid. Then the perspective changes, and we hear of the cruelty of the crowned leader. The lyrics leave the party and focus on the city outside, like a camera would pan and zoom in to another scene. All accompanied by the music of Nathan Larson, who has written a number of film scores.

The Sarcasm and goulish charme of the lyrics are repeated in other songs, like

Love has left the room

The party is over

but i can’t get sober

(Love has left the room)


Who told you love is the Alpha and Omega

And that you’re heart will lead you to the only one

It’s a curse, it’s the hammer that will break you (Stronger than Jesus).

The video is highly reminiscient of a certain type of art films, too.

So there is more than music to this record. For me, the lyrics really make the album, actually more than the music does. I believe you could transcribe them, put them between the two covers of a book and publish it as modern poetry. I got this record as a present shortly after it was released in 2009. I would have also bought “the book”.


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