The Beach Boys – 20 Greatest Hits

The Beach Boys - 20 Greatest Hits

The Beach Boys – 20 Greatest Hits

The list of Beach Boys Compilations and Greatest Hits Records seems to be endless. That’s probably one of a million reasons why it is hard to find any person in the western hemisphere who hasn’t heard (of) them. In my childhood, I was introduced to them through heavy radio airplay and best of the best records sold in drugstores. I guess you’d just had to grow up with them, although my parents never had any record or told me to check them out. The first time I really listened to the Beach Boys attentively was when I got a mix cassette with Good Vibrations on it when I was 15. Back then I loved it. I guess everybody loves that song when they get introduced to it. It’s because no matter what kinds of music you’re into, this sounds like nothing you heard before.

I rediscovered Good Vibrations again a couple of years later on Brian Wilson‘s Smile album. I have to admit that Smile and The Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds is so far the only Beach Boys material I like. So this record I got here, a present from a real Beach Boys fan, is a bit painful to listen to for me. God only knows is an awesome song and I adore Heroes and Villains. Maybe I Can Hear Music would be okay as well, if it wasn’t so overplayed. But I cannot possible put this record on and listen to Surfin’ USA or Barbara Ann. Because when I say nobody in the Western hemisphere can hide from the Beach Boys, that unfornately also includes things as such:

and such:

So this record is one of those I never put on. Although it was a present, I should probably just get rid of it and get Pet Sounds instead. Because I like their quiet, calm and pensive songs so much more then the cheeasy beachy stuff.So let’s listen to it, with your head on my shoulder:


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