Stevie Wonder – Talking Book

Stevie Wonder - Talking Book (1972)

Stevie Wonder – Talking Book (1972)

This is the first of a lot of records I bought in my favourite record store – which actually is just an antiquarian bookshop that happens to also have some crates of all sorts of second hand records on their shelves. Their record collection is well-assorted for a shop that specialises in books! Other records I bought there later (and will write about later) include The Cures Disintegration, a Motown collection, a The Who Best of and some more Stevie Wonder). I had Talking book on CD long before I got this vinyl, so I knew there are some killer songs on it. Superstition is absolute hit material, a dancefloor killer. I also like the slower songs like Blame it on the sun oder You are the sunshine of my life. They are all Stevie Wonder classics. All the other songs I would not want to skip either. Buying this record has cemented my admiration for Stevie Wonder and led to serious Stevie Wonder record collecting.


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