Blondie – Blondie

Blondie - Blondie (1976)

Blondie – Blondie (1976)

When you are starting to build a record collection from scratch it is nice to get some consistency into it from early on. Most of the time I have ( and still do) buy whatever I can find that suits me and that I really like. Still, a small collection is not really representative for what you really love listening to. So many of my favourite artists and records I do not have on vinyl yet. Looking at the list I have comprised so far it must look like I am and have always been a huge Blondie and Stevie Wonder fan. That is not the case actually. But I am turning into one.

I have been aware of these artists for a long time, but you wont find Blondie in my CD collection or in my mp3 files. However, it’s nice to have more than one record from one artist when you get started with record buying, it gives record buying a bit of a plan, it is not headless-buying-whatever-you-can-find.

And it is so easy when you find a little diamond in a 2-pounds-crate, so this is how I got around to my second Blondie record. And I like this one so much. This is a record full of vitality, it is fun to listen to it, and you hear the fun the band must have had when they recorded it. I did not know the songs before, but some of them, like Little Girl Lies, Look Good in Blue or Man Overboard have become naughty little earworms for me.

Here is a theory I have:

In the old times of proper albums, when people did not just download their favourite songs as mp3s and ignored the rest of the bands’ stuff, the first song on an artists first album was always something the listener should pay special attention to. It is used to catch the audience’s attention, and it has to sum up the rest of the record and what the band wants to say with their music, because in a record shop (or at home) it is the first thing you will be listening to.

I know other people think similarly because some people make lists of bands that have extraordinary first songs on their debut albums. Yes, that’s what proper music freaks do. You can find some nice examples here and here. If you read through the posts a bit you will see what I mean. Personally, I think Definitely Maybe by Oasis is a perfect example: Rock’n’Roll Star is  Oasis at their best already, and the chorusline “Tonight/ I’m a Rock’n’Roll Star” already hints at everything Oasis was going to be later – not only the stardom, but also the attitude towards it.

So having said that, give X Offender a try, the first song on Blondie. Its a masterpiece that blew me away.

Everything you must know about Blondie you can find in X Offender. If you liked it, you will love the whole record.


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