Warren Schatz – Warren Schatz

Warren Schatz - Warren Schatz

Warren Schatz – Warren Schatz

Again it was my mother who had the record in the first place, but this time it is not her who gets the credits for introducing me to the artist. It was my brother, who, when he became old enough to be interested in our parents records, soon discovered Warren Schatz. He instantly fell in love with one particular song call I need your smile. I agree with him that it is one of the most heart-wrenching love song about desperateness that you can find. you can listen to it here:

However, I need your smile is not on this record. But when I found this one in a 2-€ box on the flea market I could not not buy it. Just because one song stands out as absolutely awesome does not mean the rest cannot compete with it. As time drew on, my brother turned into a big Warren Schatz fan and found out a few things about him: His rock records were extremely successful in the Eastern parts of the world and also produced some disco stuff after that. That’s about all I know, but I’m gonna start finding out more with this record.

PS: Why on earth did the Eastern countries never print dates on the records? the sleeves never tell you which year the record is from! damnit!



  1. hans gruber

    i have this record. it is a very, very rare record.

    • 1tba

      is it? I see it at flea markets all the time in Berlin. Maybe it is really rare around where you live?

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