Mind Kiosk – MMMM

Mind Kiosk - MMMM (2001)

Mind Kiosk - mmmm (2001)

Remember MMMM, that smashing hit song by the Crash Test Dummies? mmm…yeah? Well, this here got nothing to do with it. Although…if you think about it: Was the Crash Test Dummies song about speechlessness? Not knowing what to say? Maybe thats the same reason why this record is called mmmm. “Hey Mind Kiosk, whats your record gonna be called like?” – “mmm…don’t know..”

mmmm is also a popular method of expressing tastyness. “How’s the icecream?” – “mmmm, yummy”. And yes, this is a tasty record. In fact, it is so tasty, that back then when it was released, Berlins radio station Radio Eins (Eins as in “One”) made it their record of the month. It contains beautiful ballads called Laugh About It and On Fertile Ground, but also straight hit material like Mr. Important and Summer Camp, along with psychedelic psychic things such as Nothing You Can Do.

All this came from a young promising band that had another song, Corrective Lenses for Earthling Souls, played by the master himself in John Peels Radio 1 show.

With all this airplay by various Number One Radios, you may wonder why Mind Kiosk never became a number one band and why you haven’t heard of them yet? Well, just after mmmm was pressed, the band fell out with their record company due to disagreements over their record contract (who wants to sell their souls for nothing?) and allmost all of the vinyls were destroyed. So this is defnitely the rarest record I have.

For you without the vinyl, there is last.fm. Also, if you missed that one episode of John Peels radio show, here’s another chance to listen to and read about Corrective Lenses.


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