Soul Train

One day when I went to see a friend, I saw a big box standing in the doorway of her house. Somebody had been throwing away stuff, but in a good, friendly manner: That person simply put a box full of stuff they did not want anymore into a place where it was warm, sheltered from the rain, and where other people could have a look at it. The box was full of books, mainly, and some empty folders. I was curious and started looking trough the books, then I saw the records underneath them. There were a couple of singles and one LP. None of them was wrapped into anything, no inner sleeves, no outer sleeves, just the records themselves. The singles were kind of strange, two edith piaf songs and some German Schlager, from the horrible part of the Schlager world. the LP looked interesting, though. It is called Soul Train, and is a record from Atlantic Records.

I looked at the tracklist. The artists I knew were Aretha Franklin, Sister Sledge and the Meters. That sounding tempting enough – I took it with me. At home I gave it an inner sleeve and typed Soul Train into a search engige.

With confusing result. Soul Train was a TV show that has a youtube channel. It is also a German Music magazine, a party line in bristol (with similarly named parties in lots of other cities, probably),  a radio show of Frankfurts city radio, a Black music award and probably a hell of a lot more. And guess what, it’s all got to do with Soul music. After searching all this stuff I realised that on the record it says ” Burbank, Home of Warner Brothers Records”. So I tried to find out if the TV show was produced by Warner Brothers. But I couldnt. Still, my guess is that the LP is a form of early Merchandising, an LP released to promote a TV show, or rather an LP that would sell well because lots of people watched the TV show with the same name. I would appreciate it very much if somebody could answer this for me. Point me to a link, write a comment! also, is this the cover?:

Soul Train DVD cover

Soul Train DVD cover

This is not the cover, although it looks very much like it should be:

Soul Train Hall of Fame

Soul Train Hall of Fame

It is not, because these artists are not on my record.

Lets have some more about the record itself. I enjoy it. There are probably too many songs squeezed onto each side. Not all of them have been popular, and with some, its not difficult to tell why. It is not a compilation of hits, but it is still great music.

Now I just wonder why somebody threw it away..


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