Holger Biege – Wenn der Abend kommt

Holger Biege - Wenn der Abend kommt

Holger Biege – Wenn der Abend kommt

This is the third artist in a row (or forth,  if you count both Manfred Krug records), that my mother influenced me to listen to. She had this one on a double cd together with another one of his records called Circus. We listened to it, and we both fell in love with one particular song called Als der Regen nieder ging (When the rain came down).

Holger Biege is another artist from the East Germany of the Seventies. This is about all he has got in common with Manfred Krug and Günther Fischer (-> blogpost). I do not think he was that popular back then when his records were released, and he certainly could not ride any of those German music hype waves of the recent years. I guess that’s because his records are not funky or catchy at first listen, but more sensitive, with thoughtful lyrics about the meaning of life and how love changes over time. I doubt you can enjoy this without being able to understand German.

However, there is one songs that stands out. Als der Regen nieder ging, the first song on the record, can keep up with any other funky dance tune. It blows you away with trumpets and saxes and has a stomping rhythm that you can’t help but dance to. Well, my mother and I can’t.


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