Abba – The Album

Abba - The Album (1978)

Abba – The Album (1978)

The problem with Abba, just like with The Beatles, is this: They’ve been a hugely successful band for many years, putting something new into their music in every record, but all people remember are a certain naive hits (Waterloo, All you need is love, etc.).

I have never actually owned any Abba records, not even as cds, but I know a hell of a lot of their songs because I’ve been listening to basically their whole back catalogue a couple of years ago with cds from libraries and sites as youtube and the likes. Browsing through the tracklists on I just realised that The Album is probably my least favourite record. Its got some amazing hits on it, like The Name of the Game and Take a Chance on Me, but It also has some songs from this The Girl with the Golden Hair Musical, and I do not like them at all. Thats because I never really got to understand the concept of the musical. Nowadays they seem to just take any successful plot and turn it into a musical and people will pay an enourmous amount of money for such a spectacle. There are some amazing classics, though, I admit. The West Side Story film still stands for itself, and I also enjoyed Hair. Maybe it is just the stage thing that does not hit me, but films are good. The Girl with the Golden Hair has not been turned into a film so far, as far as I know, but I can see them doing that, because even “real” Abba songs seem to work out as a musical without Agnetha and Anni-Fried singing them.

Anyway, I got this record for very cheap from a huge junkyard sale, where it seemed to have been for ages, so I basically bought it to protect it from the dampness of the rain. Now it has a new home on my shelf and will certainly be joined by one or another Abba record soon, because actually, every single one of them is too interesting to be dismissed.


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