Manfred Krug – Das war nur ein Moment (Nr. 1) / Ein Hauch von Frühling (Nr. 2)

Manfred Krug - Das war nur ein Moment (1971)

Manfred Krug - Ein Hauch von Frühling (1972)
Manfred Krug – Ein Hauch von Frühling (1972)

Manfred Krug – Das war nur ein Moment (1971)

There is so much to say about these records that I do not know where to start really. In my memories, this music has always been there. My parents listened to Manfred Krug when they were young and in love, and never really stopped playing the records. I already listened to this as a toddler. I do not really remember this, but the avid appreciation for the music that has been a part of the family for so long, was reason enough to actively start listening to it again when I had grown up.

Manfred Krug was one of the most popular actor and singer in the former GDR. He has a unique voice that distinguishes him from any other singer, and wrote sophisticated lyrics about love and every-day life under the pseudonym Clemens Kerber. The music was written by Günther Fischer. On the sleeve of Nr 2. Krug calls the music Schlager, today it would be described as nothing else but funky jazz. It may just be my humble opinion, but I guess this  is what popular music from the GDR boils down to. One of these two records can probably be found in every household in East Germany. You can definitely find a copy in every second hand record shop in East Berlin (I got my copies from one of them). There is a song from one of these two records on each of those recent compilations of German Funk, German Jazz or (East) German Best-Ofs. If I had to spend the rest of my life on a deserted island with only five records to take with me, Manfred Krug would even make it to the south sea with me. I would take Nr. 2 with me, because it had my all-time favourite Fischer/Krug song on it: Komm und spiel mit mir. “Come and play with me”. Go and play this music. Search for Manfred Krug on Myspace,, youtube or else. I will rarely use this blog to recommend anything, but this time I must. It is just too good too ignore it!


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