Blondie – Parallel Lines

This was my introduction to serious record buying.  Which does not mean that I take it all too serious. It basically just means that by the time I bought Parallel lines in early 2009, I finally had a working record player. I am not a geek trying to collect unplayed (“mint”) first edition albums of rare funky metal popbands or something. Seriously buying records just means that at an age with which I am technically and historically speaking too young to remember vinyls ( The CD and I were born in the same year), I have come to think that there is no nicer way to enjoy music than by listening to vinyl records. I am happy to leave lousily working mp3-phones and (il)legal downloads in dodgy formats or with digital rights managment behind me to put a needle on a spinning plate. I enjoy flicking through record craddles, looking for stuff I love (at this stage of record collecting, I only buy music I know) and paying real, not virtual or no, money for it.

I got Parallel Lines from a flea market in Berlin. I bought it because I had Heart of Glass as an earworm and it was on this record. And when I looked at the cover I remembered a funny story I once read about this Blur picture:

Blur dress up as Blondie

Blur dress up as Blondie

(Dont know where I got this from and if it is true:)

When Damon Albarn met Debbie Harry and they talked about the cover, he told her he wanted the picture to look as much as the real thing as possible, but only shaved his legs up to his knees because he was afraid to go higher. Allegedly Debbie Harry’s reply was something like: “Thats very much like the real thing, because thats just exactly how I always shaved my legs!”


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